"What I love about working with Craig is that he is super personable, makes things incredibly accessible, and is transparent about all he does for you and all of your options. The honesty and integrity he exudes is bar none." Cari Twitchell, Custom Content Solutions

"Every time I work with Craig I'm blown away by how invested he is in my project. It's easy to find a web developer with amazing technical skills, but much harder to find one with Craig's level of empathy, clear communication, and endless concern for getting you the absolute best product. He's a joy to work with, and even the most ambitious projects he's done for us have been stress-free, finished on time and with a level of polish our audience and competitors couldn't stop talking about." Jeff Larson, Entrepreneur

"Craig is my go-to developer because he is both thorough and thoughtful in his work, asking the right questions and making sure everything is completed on time and with great care." Kate O'Reilly

"Craig has built a strong infrastructure that's intuitive to use for a wide variety of users and is always coming up with ideas to make the site more user-friendly while staying in line with our goals and budget.

He's not just a coding wizard, though – he's able to translate web jargon into layman's terms easily, and he's great at handling internal support graciously and promptly." Robin Gillette, Minnesota Fringe

"I've worked with Craig on two websites: the process was collaborative, creative and fun. I loved what I ended up with and how easy it felt getting there. Would highly recommend!" Anna Dvorak, Artist & Chef