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Simple Squarespace Accessibility Tip

I recently worked with a local Minneapolis music venue that received a grant to improve the accessibility of their website. The experience was wonderful and I love doing work that has a direct positive impact on individuals.

As part of the process, we had testers from WeCo (all that live with disabilities) go through the site page by page and give us feedback and lists of things to improve.

Since the website was built in Squarespace and much of the code not directly editable, I anticipated some issues that would need to be addressed, but what I didn't expect was an immediate roadblock.

Before they could even start testing I got an email saying that their screen readers and magnification software couldn't use the site because the escape key, used for important and common functions, triggered a modal login window on the site.

I knew immediately that I forgot to disable Login with Escape Key, a feature that's enabled by default in Squarespace. Once this setting was disabled, the testers were able to proceed.

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Advanced.
  2. Click Escape Key.
  3. Uncheck Enable Login with Escape Key.
  4. Click Save.


I hope that Squarespace will add "disable Login with Escape Key" to their accessibility guide: Making your Squarespace site more accessible. Better yet, make the login keyboard shortcut a little more unique so it can remain enabled while not interfering with assistive technology.

This is a really simple thing that all Squarespace developers should take the time to do.

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